Highlands General Practice has a long history of providing training placements for general practice registrars, medical and nursing students. We are a University of Wollongong Training and GP Synergy Accredited Practice.

Highlands GP is committed to providing training for the next generations of doctors and nurses. Providing training in regional Australia provides students and registrars with the opportunity to experience all the benefits and opportunities life outside metropolitan areas and large cities have to offer.

We see this as an important tool to encourage doctors and other medical professionals to relocate to regional areas and ensure our community continues to have access to quality medical and health services.


To complete GP training doctors need to undertake an 18-month general practice training program. This generally consists of 3 or 4 six-month placements, and registrars can only stay in one location for a maximum of 12 months and then they are required to rotate to another practice.

This is great for doctors to gain experience in different practices and communities but it can be disappointing for patients when they find a doctor they match well with and then the doctors has to move to a new placement.

To address this issue we always encourage patients to have a backup doctor they have seen before and who knows their history. We have been fortunately, to have had a number of registrars stay on or return to BSMP after completing training which promotes continuity of care for our patients.


Highlands GP takes Phase 3 medical students from the University of Wollongong and from other universities from time to time. Students work with their supervisors over the period of 12 months to see patients in the practice (sitting in on consultations or undertake parallel consulting) and also in a hospital setting.

If you do see student for a consultation (during a parallel consulting session) it will be in conjunction with your doctor and who will review your notes and outcomes at the time of consultation with you and the student. You will always be asked if you agree to see a student or have a stand you should not feel any pressure to do so. If you do not wish to be seen by a student please let Reception and your Doctor know.

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